With over 100 talented developers,
Devalore has one of the largest independent studios in Israel.

We believe that understanding your vision and goals is a key factor for success. Our development teams work closely with our customers to accurately translate the business requirements into a reality.
Our teams always keep their finger on the pulse and make sure that the entire organization is up-to-date and aligned with the latest technological advancements.
We believe in open-source and standardization, hence our development toolkit relies mostly on modern and powerful technologies.

Among the front-end technologies we love:

React.js – Popular library developed by Facebook, optimized for speed and performance, it can easily scale from rendering library to the entire framework. Typically we will use React on advanced UI applications with a customized boilerplate and additional open-source libraries such as: D3, Chart.js, vis, js, Ant Design and more.


Angular – A framework developed and maintained by Google. Based on the MVC/MVVW architecture to provide an end-to-end solution. Since Angular provides an entire framework solution we will typically use it for entirely new projects loaded with heavy business logic and multiple modules.


Vue.js – An MIT-licensed open source project. Consists of an approachable core library that focuses on the view layer only, and an ecosystem of supporting libraries that help you tackle complexity in large Single-Page Applications. We may choose to use Vue.js in a small to medium sized projects.


WixCode – A framework developed by Wix that helps to build web applications. It is serverless and contains a set of APIs for database collections allowing to create rich content websites. We use Wix code for small web applications, commercial websites that require advanced functionality, quick implementations, and PoCs.


As a full stack solutions provider, we have long experience in developing large and complex projects on one hand and lean lightweight micro-services on the other. Our teams specialize in leading technologies that are used to build scalable, efficient and secure backends for modern applications.

.NET Core – It’s blazingly fast. It’s open source under a permissive license (Mostly MIT, some parts Apache-2.0). Unlike some other open-source platforms, .NET Core’s Contributor License Agreement does not grant exclusive privileges to a single corporation. .NET Core is cross-platform, allowing you to target Windows, Mac, Docker, and many flavors of Linux.

Node.js – JavaScript faster on the server than anyone had expected, When compared with most of the other languages for speed, NodeJS easily comes out on the top, primarily due to its asynchronous non-blocking mode- that enables it to simultaneously serve a large number of clients/threads. It has basically brought down the long-held barrier between client-side and server-side development, making the whole procedure short and simple. The developers can now write a single code base for both browser and server that delivers much better speed than in the conventional paradigm. Node.js is very common at Devalore and used to develop some of the modules in most of our projects

Python – Python is famous for its cross-platform feature; means that services written in Python are the hybrid. They can be developed easily but the performance on complicated scenarios can be signifying lower rather than .NET Core or Java. We usually use python when we need run quickly with the development and there is no heavy data processing involved. Our teams love using python as a web server’s middleware solutions. The typical technologies we use with python to develop restful APIs are Django or Flask.

Java – Cross-platform programming language that is highly efficient in terms of performance, speed and scalability. It provides powerful capabilities for development Rest API’s & Web services. Our common technical stack with Java will be using Spring/Jersey and Hibernate.

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